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Small businesses employ 50% of the workforce: Get top talent and keep them.


Grow your business 30% faster using smart tactics: Failure to plan is planning to fail.


29% of businesses run out of cash. Improve cash flow, use our approach.


80% of time is wasted on non-revenue generating tasks: Adapt to increase revenue.

We take a look at your business and then take it to the next level.


Solutions That Fit Your Business, Budget and Schedule:

Halt the revolving door

Replacing a single employee cost business owners between $3,000 and $10,000 every time a change is made. Stop the insanity. Instead grow your business with top talent and learn how you can keep them.

Sustainable Growth

Why do some businesses have steady growth while others fail? It’s all about control. Use solid practices streamlining processes and managing outcome.

Reduce Costs

What costs actually give you a return on investment? Learn how to analyze your business expenses and where to make the right cuts.

Increase Market Share

Stay competitive with current market trends. Increase existing market share and tap into new revenue streams. Execute what makes sense.

“Linda is great—she gave me lots of really solid advice for growing my business, and I’d recommend her services to any business owner looking to improve.” Edward Lavagnino, Gift Certificates & More, Gainesville FL