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Every business needs support to grow. C-Corps have a Board of Directors and a host of managers, all with laser like focus dedicated to achieving results. Small business owners are rigorously challenged to manage every aspect alone. It’s no wonder so many fail to achieve true stability.

I’ve worked as a Senior Consultant in many Fortune 500 companies where I have developed and managed multimillion-dollar budgets, overseen contracts, scheduling, and cost control for major manufacturing, engineering, and construction projects. Streamlining communications and production process saved one company over 20 million dollars. I’ve learned the secrets large companies use to beat back their competition and ride out economic downturn.

I’ve tailored the same processes and knowledge to help small businesses achieve success. I know every business has unique challenges, and I’ll work with you to implement proven strategies designed for your business, budget, and schedule.

If you want your business to change and don’t know where to start, let us help. Centerpoint Consulting provides support with total honesty, respect, and commitment.

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