Businesses who want to become a market leader


From startups to large corporations.

Does a busy schedule keep you from moving ahead? You’re not alone. Planning for change is a major consideration.

We all get stuck using processes that we’ve outgrown. Why? Because we’re just too busy to make sustainable changes. So we continue using the same tired, old methods. Eventually it costs us in lost customers, employees, and time. We’ll help you breakthrough old roadblocks and obstacles; change is easier than you think.

Organize Daily Operations

Stop fighting fires and start managing processes. Don’t turn down business or take on orders you can’t fill. Learn methods the “big guys” use to stay on track.

Cash Flow Challenges

Don’t let hidden expenses and inefficiencies silently drain resources. Discover and avoid these hidden traps and earn the profit you deserve.

Adapting To Growth

Think you’re ready to add another crew or a second location? Look before you leap! Together we’ll develop and implement an achievable plan taking you to the next level.

Accelerate your goals. Centerpoint Consulting provides support and training to maximize business capacity, develop and improve growth, and add stability.

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A few brands we’ve already worked with

“Linda exerted financial and contractual change at Samsung with ease, improving market profitability by 15% over 3 months and 20% over a year.  Linda streamlined contracts and rolled out new national standards bringing efficiencies and ease to multiple vendors.  Linda reorganized invoice process without disrupting business flows.” – Rachelle Steffes, Samsung Detroit MI